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October 3, 2019
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In our previous blog, we updated you on the changes announced by Facebook on changes to its algorithms in the summer of 2019. In this latest update, we want to share some tips with you for getting the best value from your businesses Facebook account.

One of the important things to point out here is that it’s easy to assume that there’s a magic bullet or get rich quick scheme to be had by using social media. To get the best sustainable and long-term return, you need to view it as a long-term strategic tool in your marketing plan.

Now to the nitty gritty…

News feed targeting

Facebook’s new feature, newsfeed targeting can improve your organic reach (reaching following and new audiences without paying for the privilege). But there’s a catch… the more engagements you achieve with your targeted posts, the greater number of people that Facebook will expose your posts to.

You may have noticed that your newsfeed has changed in recent months too, especially on mobile – images are smaller, and you only see three lines of text. So, your content must be meaningful and straight to the point for greater organic reach.

What does this mean for your approach? More than EVER before, your content must be targeted at the right people to generate reactions. And by reactions, this means more than just a ‘like’. The little thumbs up icon is great. But it won’t cut it for Facebook algorithms – you need to be getting laughs, loves, shocks and tears! The great news is, that if Facebook sees the quality of your posts and content go up, the more people it will allow you to reach with your posts.

As with ‘reactions’ the more post comments and shares within your targeted feed, the greater your boost from Facebook’s algorithm. The same goes for posts which are shared via Messenger, rather than directly on Facebook. So, even getting a reaction from the quieter among your followers can help your exposure.

Top Tip: ALWAYS reply to comments on your Facebook posts this will help boost organic reach and encourage further comments.

What to avoid doing on Facebook


  • use too many calls to actions e.g. ‘click here’
  • be overly salesy with giveaways etc
  • use too many links to outbound content, will reduce your reach. In terms of the outbound links, Facebook wants to keep users in Facebook, so too many outbound links will only reduce your eventual reach. Makes sense when you think about it right?
  • boost. Boosts will only achieve a low conversion, they don’t effectively target users who are most likely to buy from you, and they only target those who are online at that time.

Instagram influence

If you’re not already aware, Facebook also owns Instagram. So, in terms of how the company’s new changes affect your Insta accounts, Instagram themselves have admitted that they are ‘testing’ because they want followers to focus on the pictures you’re sharing, and not the number of likes you have.

If you think of this in Kim Kardashian terms – you’ll be less influenced by how many other people have ‘liked’ one of her posts (i.e. ‘loads of people like this, so I must like it too’) and more influenced by the content itself. In layman’s terms, it seems to me us at Capella that Insta is finally trying to stop us from being ‘sheep’ and giving users more control over their own opinions.

One of the other positives is that content which Insta deems to be lower in quality will be removed from ‘discoverability’ when you explore content in hashtags. So, if your followers search #events but Instagram doesn’t think your content is high enough quality, potential new followers won’t find you anywhere near the top of that content.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s former CEO, says that people miss 70% of what’s in the feed, so that 30% must be the best possible content.


You need to use your social channels to build relationships, and to grab attention before users are distracted by other content. This way, user will get to know you, get to like you and begin to trust you. And it’s that nurturing of relationships and trust which will encourage sustainable growth – of your social channels, your brand and ultimately, your business!

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