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2020 is now upon us and ensuring we stay ahead of the game, we’ve picked out five of our top marketing trends so far…

Interactive Content


Today’s buyers are looking for new experiences when they go online, and for many, that means greater interactivity. In fact, a whopping 91% are seeking more visual and interactive content. There are several reasons for this:

  • Interactive content is different and new, and as such, it stands out more.
  • This type of content serves to keep visitors on your page longer.
  • Interactive content is immensely shareable, and when users share this content, it helps to grow awareness of your brand.
  • Simply put, interactive content is more engaging. Users enjoy it more than other content.

At Capella Synergy, we completely agree with this trend because we’re always working to create new ways of making content more interactive, within each client’s budgets. In 2020, as part of our content planning, we’ll be discussing different options to ensure content remains engaging for their audiences.

Content Experiences Will be the Face of Content Marketing

Chief Marketer

“Content experiences” are the amalgamation of content and context. This matters because every piece of content conveys an experience—both good or bad—through elements like design, placement, environment and more.

We believe that people buy from people, before they buy from the brand. When looking at our clients content, it’s clear that the more engaging content we publish comes from personal experiences. Literally where there’s a ‘face’ on the post sharing their own experiences, we typically see 75% higher engagement than a standard sales/business related post.

Beyond The Marketing Funnel Tanya Hall

The funnel approach focuses on attracting new customers and engaging them in a business or service to turn them into a quantifiable lead. The flywheel approach continues to attract, engage, and delight the customers even past the point of purchase, meaning the company continues to interact with customers instead of treating them as one-time-only prospects.

For those of you still using the ‘funnel’ approach to marketing, it’s time to step your game up. The funnel approach is stale and may be one of the reasons behind your declining sales results. Flywheel marketing founded by Hubspot, takes an innovative view of the buyer journey and uses all client-facing roles such as customer service, marketing, and sales to interact with customers at every stage–even past the point of purchase.

Retention is critical in successful business. Once you’re privileged enough to earn a customer’s business, don’t forget them. Create an engaging communications strategy to ensures they feel value – when it comes to a repeat purchase or subscription renewal, it’ll be a no-brainer for them. 

Social media as customer service

Smart Insights

Customer service is always going to be a vital aspect of providing a good customer experience, but in the digital age, the customer service you offer is a lot more visible to everyone online. As well as online customer reviews, customer complaints and issues are easier to find than ever before due to the fact that a lot of them are shared on social media.

Over a quarter (28%) of consumers have used social media to communicate with a company in the last year, a trend that is likely to increase due to the fact that more than 30% said it is a convenient contact method and around 23% believe it is a good way to get 24-hour service.

This is close to home for a member of our Capella team who had to contact an organisation via their Twitter due to a poor response through traditional channels. The speed of a response through Twitter and how helpful the support team was, was significant. Why? Because it’s public-facing, the brand needed the customer experience to be viewed in a positive way, even if it was responding to a complaint. People will view how long it takes organisations to respond and their level of response. 
Social media is 24/7. If you don’t have someone who monitors your social media outside of business hours, highlight this in your profile to set expectations of response times in the first instance.   

Democratised Influence

Top Rank Marketing

B2B purchasing is a team sport involving individuals at multiple levels from buying committees conducting research and making recommendations to executives with budgets to decide. Each of those individuals rely on centers of influence around them as they discover, consume and engage with information. Everyone is influential at some level and more brands are going to tap into the niche influence of the many, whether they are employees, customers, industry community members or traditional influencers.

In a nutshell, you need to have your stakeholders within your business to share and engage with your content. It takes us back to trend 2 – people buy from people, before buying the brand! By having stakeholders at different levels engage with your content, you will attract a wider audience.  
For instance, your CEO or Commercial Director will no doubt be connected to buyers and decision makers, whereas your team who look after the day-to-day running of the business, will be engaged with peers at a similar level. The different levels of seniority ensure you engage with multiple influencers at prospective or existing client businesses, therefore enhancing your brand identity and opportunities for success.