Our reflection on the pandemic: how Capella’s star kept on shining!

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November 16, 2021
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We’ve been looking back at this time last year, how the country was in turmoil with uncertainty around the pandemic, and how we’re still facing some of those challenges today. There have been thousands of employees on furlough, and businesses have worked extremely hard to ensure they survive. And we were just one of those businesses, finding alternative solutions to withstand the challenges that came our way. All the while, ensuring we continued to deliver a service our clients know and expect.


When we started Capella in 2017, our core focus was on the hospitality, meetings, and events sector. And although this is still a major foundation of our business model, the pandemic showed us the importance of being able to diversify. All businesses need marketing solutions, it’s just about tailoring them for the specific need and objectives of the business. So that’s what we did – we diversified.

It was really interesting, re-evaluating our strategic direction. It gave us the opportunity to try new things. Learn from other industries, and apply some of these methods to our original clients. It helped enhance our proposition and ultimately put us in a position to offer more.

At the same time, we were learning new ways of working. With more clients working remotely, everyone suddenly went online to find new ways of interacting. And although this form of communication has always been there, technology has evolved, allowing for a much more personal and engaging way of communicating. Personally though, after about 6 months, the novelty wore off and I was ready to get back to meeting people face to face again.

Business culture

Because strong business relationships are so important to us, and what we believe is the key to a successful partnership, we’ve been much more proactive in understanding different business cultures to ensure we have the right synergy. This has led us to work with some amazing new clients where there’s a clear understanding of the way we both work, which maximises productivity.   

Despite the turbulent time, because it’s something we have all endured together, I do feel the business environment is now more empathetic. We’re more compassionate of each other’s needs, making us more resilient for what lies ahead. We’re all able to stand back and just take a moment to reflect on what’s most important. Not only for our businesses, but for personal health and wellbeing.

Capella’s star shining strong

But as I look back at this time, and although we’re not through it yet, I feel grateful and inspired. We’ve taken on some fantastic new clients in the last 18 months, as well as welcoming back some familiar faces. And now looking ahead to 2022 and what this year has in store for us, I’m really excited. We’re already working on some exciting marketing campaigns and with plenty more in the pipeline for the coming months.

Here’s to the Capella Synergy Star shining brighter than ever before!