Surviving the pandemic through strong relationships

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March 1, 2022
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March 30, 2022
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Surviving the pandemic through strong relationships

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- Suzi Olsen

Strong relationships were key to surviving the pandemic

Many of the clients we have worked with since starting Capella Synergy more than four years ago were formed from previous working relationships. Through trust, and knowing that we could deliver, these relationships have meant Capella surviving the pandemic.

I am so proud of what we’re able to achieve and to have supported our clients through difficult times. But they have also been a huge support to us. They’ve understood the need for marketing, even during the toughest of times, to ensure their own clients were supported.  

We are only a small business, and so these relationships and the trust we have built are something that I appreciate and will never take for granted.

Building new relationships

But the lack of face-to-face meetings has not prevented us from meeting new people and building new relationships. During the pandemic we have been successful in forging new relationships with new clients. Even today we’ve had a kick-off strategy call for a new contract starting in April. Although, we haven’t met this client face-to-face, we’re already building up a great rapport and excited to get started next month on delivering their marketing strategy. And, hopefully soon we can venture up north to meet them face-to-face and continue building on that relationship.

Signs of normality in marketing strategies

The stop-starts we’ve faced since the start of the pandemic have had an impact on businesses and how they strategise. The uncertainty and constant change has meant we had to be more reactive than normal when delivering on marketing plans for our clients. To be responsive to the current climate.

And I’ve seen that excitement and energy has returned for our clients these past few months. It feels like some normality has returned and we can start to look further ahead with our marketing strategy. Rather than the short-turnaround, quick reaction approach that the pandemic forced upon us.

We love to plan at Capella, and so after two years, this is a welcome return for us!

What have we learnt?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us the value of relationships in business. Businesses can only survive with the quality of people working within the business and those that you work with. We believe in the synergy we have with our clients, and that is why we have come through this together, and stronger for the future.