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Our social feeds are full of people embracing this ‘working from home’ lark or as we like to call it ‘remote working’. At Capella HQ we’ve been doing this for years and we welcome all the new remote workers to our world. Why? Because of how much more you’ll be able to achieve.

Granted, we probably drink one or two more cups of tea than we used to when in an office (the kettle just calls out to us), but we’re in our own comfortable surroundings that gets our creative juices flowing! And if we’re struggling to get our heads into gear, we’ll pop out and take the dogs for a stroll around the block. A bit of fresh air to blow the cobwebs away will really get the mind in the right place.

With that in mind, as pros in remote working, we thought we’d share some of our top tips to all you new remote workers out there…

The right working space

If you can, set aside a desk that’s not in your main living space. The TV can be a massive distraction if it’s on in the background. Even if it’s on silent, the movement on the screen out the corner of your eye will keep drawing your attention. Music for us works wonders though. It breaks the deadly silence in the room that you can have a bop along to as you carry out your work.

You also need a comfortable working space. Sitting on the sofa with your laptop in front of you is not going to help your productivity or your posture. Set up on the dining room table so you have a sturdy chair, and you have space to set your work around you.

Limit your caffeine intake

This is a biggie! Limit yourself to the number of cups of tea and coffee you have each day. You don’t want to be high on caffeine and then unable to switch off at the end of the day. Try and drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t invade the fridge

The same goes for the fridge. Just because the kettle and the fridge are in the next room doesn’t mean they are there to be abused. Working from home should be like any other day – 3 healthy meals a day with healthy snacks.

Stay fit

It’s not only important to eat and drink healthily, you need to stay fit. You’ll probably find because you’re not walking around an office, the number of steps you do each day declines. When remote working, make a conscious effort to carry out some form of exercise. A walk around the block, walk up and down the stairs 20 times – anything that gets your heartbeat pumping a little bit. Again, this helps clear the mind for enhanced productivity.

Get dressed

Just because you don’t have to go into the office each day, does not give you a reason not to get dressed in the morning. Treat working from home as you would any other day. We’re not saying you need the full office attire, but have pride in your appearance. Let’s face it – you never know who might come knocking on your door.

Keep an eye on the time

It’s so easy to get carried away and lose track of time. Because you’re no longer getting the ‘have you got a minute?’ or ‘can I pick your brains for two mins?’ from your employer because you’re no longer in the office, you’ll get far less distracted. You’ll be amazed at how quickly 5 O’Clock comes round – especially now with lighter evenings. Your employer will be getting much more productivity out of you now anyway – don’t give them too much!


Technology is a fascinating thing – it allows you to communicate to one another at a simple click of a button. As a team we have daily calls to set our objectives and then we get cracking. We use Teams (other products are available) to drop quick notes and reminders to each other. We may even pick up the phone a bit later just to bounce ideas around.

And one more thing… don’t get lonely

If you live alone and suddenly find yourself working remotely, it’s now more important than ever that you communicate with friends, family and colleagues. As we’re currently going through ‘social distancing’ it’s not possible to pop round for a cup of tea and a catch up with a friend, but we’re seeing so many people do this virtually now. Pick up the phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook – it’s all there. Please – stay in touch!