7 benefits of blog writing for business

Should blog writing remain a key part of your content strategy in 2024? Absolutely! Businesses without regular blog content are overlooking an important and effective marketing tool. If you need more convincing, I’ve written this blog to demonstrate to you 7 benefits of blog writing for business.

Are blogs relevant in 2024?

If you were to tell me you have not read an article online on either your phone, tablet or laptop this week then I’m not sure I’d believe you!

Most people are interested in blogs or features because they answer a question or query that they want answering. Alternatively, they see a headline or news on a favourite topic that catches their eye.  

According to Optinmonster, marketers who prioritise blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. Why? People turn to blogs and entertainment every day. It is also cheaper than other marketing methods so blog writing in 2024 is still very much relevant.

What are the advantages of blogging for business?

Below we have identified and explained 7 benefits of blog writing for business, so with out further ado lets dive in:

1. Blog writing will boost website traffic and SEO.

Search engines such as Google or Bing love to provide fresh, valuable content to searchers on their search engine results page. How does your business achieve this? By writing regular content in the form of blog posts. By doing this consistently, you give search engines new content to index. This creates opportunities for you to ensure you use appropriate keywords to increase your visibility on results pages and put your blogs and business in front of your target audience.

Not only that, the more web pages your website has, and the more your blog content is ranking in search results the more website authority you will have. This is also going to place your businesses website higher in search results than websites with fewer web pages and sites with thin content.

From blog writing you can achieve backlinks from other websites who start linking back to your blog articles on your website. This further enhances your website authority over websites with fewer backlinks.

But remember not all website backlinks will enhance your website authority in the same way. Websites with higher authority that backlink to your blogs will give your website more authority than websites with a poor reputation.

2. Blogs help to establish you as an industry leader.

If one of your goals is to be seen as an expert within your industry and let’s face it this is crucial in today’s world, then blogging plays an important part. Why? It allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and is a way of demonstrating that to your target audience and customers.

Think about what people need to know within your industry, and then break each topic down into mini pieces. Don’t be afraid to talk about the ‘simple’ stuff as well, not everyone thinks its simple as they may not have the expertise that you do. It’s also important to think about who your audience is and write blog articles targeted at them, by making your blogs accessible and add value to the reader. It’s also important to think about giving your customers and target audience something they can learn from or take away from your blog in terms of understanding the topic.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, you can build trust within your industry with valuable, expert information delivered in your blog posts. By regularly creating blog content you can overtime establish yourself as the go to resource within your industry. This can then mean higher customer conversion rates.

3. Blogs provide you with plenty of content to share on your social media channels.

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘What can I share on social media today?’ Well what’s the answer…? Blog writing of course!

If you write a regular blog this gives you a whole host of content you can create into social media messages and post on your social channels. One blog post isn’t just one post linking back to your blog, but it can also be a wide range of shareable content. Examples from one blog could be:

  • Create tips out of your article and share individually
  • Use the blog to create a video
  • Create images and quotes based on what is said in the blog

4. Blogging helps customers and prospects with buying decisions.

When you’re looking to buy a business’s product or service where is the first place you look? I would like to bet that it is more than likely Google, where you type in the product or service and see what comes up. We all want to check businesses out before we buy from them, and a blog is a useful way of introducing your business. It allows you to demonstrate expertise, knowledge and personality so potential customers can understand you before buying from you.

When did you last buy something of value without researching it online beforehand? Blog writing allows your business to be found, and helps prospect customers understand, and trust your business before they make the decision to purchase from you. Blogs also keep existing customers loyal. Regular blogs can be put into monthly email campaigns to keep customers in the loop on what is going on within your business.

5. Blog writing helps to give your business personality.  

People like to buy from other people and your blog gives you an opportunity to give your business some personality. How? When customers read through your blog posts they will start to get an understanding of the human side behind your business. The way you write and the experiences that you include within your blogs all help to build a picture. Experiences, interests, the possibilities available when working with your business, existing customers and how you have helped them and how they feel about working with you let your prospects develop an understanding of the culture and personality within your organisation.  

How can you do this? Include photos and video of you and your team within your blogs. It’ll help your customers and prospects to identify with your business and paint a picture of who they’ll be working with, and it’ll help them feel like they know you a bit more.  

6. Blogs create opportunities for free marketing.

What do we mean by this? Well, every time your business creates a blog, you create opportunities for your target audience and customers to share your blog with others. This comes in many forms including sharing your blog post via social media, linking to your blog post, or emailing a link to others. It is all free marketing that will improve your credentials and demonstrate to prospects that you are a credible business.

7. Blog writing generates leads for your business.

Blogs can be leveraged to get prospects to supply their email addresses by asking them to subscribe to blog content. These emails can then be used to market your products or service at these leads. It will allow these prospects to regularly see your blogs, it’ll also create email marketing opportunities including special promos and other options. The more you get to know your audience, the more tailored the blogs can become. And the better you can target your email campaigns, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Benefits of blog writing for business – Summary

Blog writing remains a valuable tool for business’s of all sizes. Prospect clients and existing customers all read features that are of interest to them on a daily basis. People are constantly on their phones from the time they wake up, on the work commute, or during breaks. We are all clicking on headlines of interest to see useful blogs that have been shared on social media. Not only that, but they click on answers to questions that have been typed into search engines such as Google.

By writing about your business, your expertise, your work environment, colleagues, work philosophy, and culture gives your target audience the ability to get to know you and your business. They can then determine if you are a good fit and if your values are aligned with theirs.