About us

Why Capella?

To the naked eye, Capella appears to be a single star. When you look deeper, Capella is a system of four stars coming together in two pairs. This pairing is the two partnerships between Capella and its clients, working together as one. Together, we navigate the complexities of today’s bustling landscape, ensuring your presence shines brightly amidst the competition.

Meet the team

Suzi – Chief Idea Igniter

Suzi is our Chief Idea Igniter. Suzi’s role is to strategically manage clients marketing plans to ensure objectives are met and new initiatives put in place to continue raising the brand profile of clients. She knows exactly how to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and does it in style. She meticulously plans strategies and is always thinking ahead to the bigger picture. She ensures our wonderful clients have all their marketing needs met and then some. If you need something doing right, give it to Suzi.

Dave – Chief Strategy Sorcerer

Dave is the man with a plan. He has a wealth of business management experience and navigates our clients’ path to success. From spotting growth opportunities to implementing marketing magic, Dave ensures our clients are not just growing but thriving. He oversees our strategic growth, maximising opportunities, and being the go-to guide for our valued clients.

Toni – Content Choreographer

Toni is a social media superstar and always knows what to post to get excellent engagement and chuffed clients. Toni’s role in the team is to oversee the strategic content to ensure the key messaging supports marketing objectives for individual clients. She is on top of the latest apps and software, and did we mention a whiz at Instagram Reels?! She’s not just a fantastic content creator, she has wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and is known for creating detailed reports, insightful blogs, and trophy-winning award submissions. If you want trending, insightful, and personalised content, Toni is the marketer for the job!

Lucy – Social Superstar

We had to stop Lucy from writing her whole bio about sustainability… she will turn green if she talks about it any more! Lucy’s role is to support in the delivery of our clients’ marketing strategies, creating engaging and inspiring content that catches peoples’ attention. Lucy is a connoisseur of creativity and out-the-box thinker which you can see in what she creates. She is a climate champion, continuously considering new ways for our clients to be a bit ‘greener’. She loves getting stuck into exciting projects that require that little extra bit of pizzazz. If you want fresh new ideas to catch people’s eyes, who you gonna call? Lucy!

Our values

Commitment to excellence
Excellence is not just a goal; it’s our guiding star. We are deeply passionate about delivering exceptional results for our clients. We constantly strive for excellence in everything we do, from creative strategies to execution, ensuring that every project exceeds expectations.

Captaining change
Trends, new advances, changes in markets, times are constantly changing. Rest assured that we are on top of every relevant trend and headline. We are continually forward-thinking on innovative ways to harness trends to gain engagement and raise our clients’ profile.

Client-centric dedication
Clients are not just partners but the heart of our agency. We prioritize understanding their unique needs, challenges, and goals, tailoring our strategies and solutions to drive their success. Their satisfaction and growth fuel our own.

Clear communication
Open, honest, and clear communication is fundamental to our ethos. We believe in adopting strong, collaborative relationships built on trust and integrity. We keep our clients informed every step of the way, ensuring transparency in our processes, progress, and results.

Creative constellation
Capella is where creativity shines brightest. We continually push boundaries, explore new ideas, and innovate to deliver fresh, impactful campaigns that capture attention, inspire action, and achieve remarkable outcomes for our clients.

Mission statement

At Capella, our mission is to cultivate excellence in every facet of our work, driven by a relentless commitment to our clients’ success. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering innovative and impactful marketing solutions that not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of our clients. Guided by creativity and fuelled by passion, we harness the power of strategic thinking and transparent communication to forge strong, enduring partnerships. Together, we illuminate the path to remarkable achievements, ensuring that our clients’ visions become reality, and their aspirations reach new heights.

Our numbers speak best

years in business
years of combined experience in the meetings & events industry
success rate in getting our clients shortlisted for awards
average open rate on client email campaigns