About Us

Capella Synergy brings together over 30 years of marketing experience and excel at working with start-ups, SMEs and larger organisations.

Whatever your objective, our extensive marketing knowledge and creativity, will bring your brand to life and increase your exposure within your industry.



To the naked eye, Capella appears to be a single star. When you look deeper, Capella is a system of four stars coming together in two pairs. This pairing is the two partnerships between Capella and its clients, working together as one.

We bring years of knowledge and expertise, giving you the assurance that we'll get behind your brand and work with you to raise your profile in this busy world we’re in today.


Having worked for independent agencies, industry associations and large corporate organisations, our experience is extensive. We’ll be your creative vision; listening to you, your customers and the industry; and turning this insight into valuable content for you and your audience.
We have the industry expertise and the passion to succeed that will help us drive your business forward. By elevating your brand & profile within the industry, we can ensure we’re continually putting you at the forefront of your customers’ minds.
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Suzi Johnson - Director

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Dave Olsen - Director


Toni Byrne - Social Media & Content Manager