ChatGPT 3.5 Do’s and Don’ts for Marketers

Whether you want content ideas, emails, or proposals, ChatGPT 3.5 can be a valuable tool for businesspeople. However, we are seeing an increasing number of individuals, and even businesses, use ChatGPT 3.5 without optimising it for their brand. This means their message gets lost in the AI’s spiel and the content is not unique to them. We have found that ChatGPT 3.5 does not make strong points and is not great at getting your message across, so the output can end up being weak, repetitive, and generic.

That being said, the AI can be a fantastic way to generate ideas and kickstart your content. So, let’s have a look at our dos and don’ts to optimise ChatGPT, however you plan to use it:


Provide Context

Provide clear context about your business, target audience, and tone of voice. For instance, if you are the account manager for an independent hotel targeting agencies and need to write an email update, mention it explicitly.

For content, use this structure to get the best results:

What’s you/your company’s position + who you are targeting = what you want them to know

Edit the Output

ChatGPT often provides overly embellished language. Personalise the content to align with your brand or your own personality, and trim unnecessary adjectives and superlatives to keep the text concise and impactful.

Keep your brand’s tone consistent, real, and readable. Users will switch off and scroll past content they do not understand!

Beware of ‘Chatisms’

Keep an eye out for phrases and words that ChatGPT commonly uses. There are many, and it can become obvious that text you use is not authentic, here are some words and phrases we see often that raise red flags:

  • Delve
  • Unwavering
  • Foster
  • Fostering a sense of belonging
  • Leverage
  • Elevate
  • In the fast-paced digital world, …
  • Unleash success

Spot the US English

You can brief ChatGPT 3.5 to replace US English with British English (unless you or your brand are American), but keep an eye out, as it doesn’t always follow instructions.

Mix it Up

Avoid using the exact headings or ideas ChatGPT 3.5 provides for content. This helps prevent plagiarism and avoids duplicating competitor content.

Watch Out for Repetition

ChatGPT tends to duplicate messages in long text passages – it will provide the same point, using alternative words spread throughout. Edit to be more concise and avoid confusing readers.

Double Check Any Generated Images

Newer, paid versions of ChatGPT can create images from your prompts. However, AI generated images can often look a bit strange, such as the below:

AI generated dog

Prompt: cute, fluffy dog holding a bone

(This is an example of what will happen if you are not specific enough!)


Rely Solely on ChatGPT

While ChatGPT can streamline some tasks, it does not replace human creativity, critical thinking, and authenticity. Use it as a tool to complement your expertise, not as a substitute for it.

Leave Facts Unchecked

ChatGPT 3.5 does not have direct access to the internet or real-time information. Verify the accuracy of current events or any fact-based copy that it provides you with.

Overwhelm It

Avoid inundating ChatGPT 3.5 with too much information in a single request. Break down tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks to facilitate better understanding and response.

This also means you will get back more refined results.

Neglect Human Input

Ask a fellow human to read your work (constructive feedback is priceless), and/or read it aloud to gauge its flow and language – it will help identify areas for revision or refinement to better align with your voice.

Forget to Personalise

If you have not given ChatGPT your business’s name or your own, it will sometimes fill spaces relevant to your business with ‘the company’, which can be very repetitive. Keep any eye out for this and personalise any copy appropriately.

Use its Structure

ChatGPT loves to structure main content headings as ‘Heading Part One: Heading Part Two ‘, and subheadings regularly containing two adjectives. Assess whether that is the right approach for your content – particularly as it can look AI generated.


ChatGPT can be an excellent tool to kickstart your ideas and content but remember to optimise it for your brand to get the best results. Otherwise, you risk your messaging being diluted and your audiences switching off.