PR FAQs– most asked questions answered 

PR is a cost-effective and fast way for your business to increase visibility of your brand, your products and services, and main messages. Whether you need brand awareness, lead generation, or increased website traffic, PR can get your business in front of new audiences. So, we’ve answered the common PR FAQs put to us by our clients.

This FAQ is your first step towards understanding PR and how you can make it work for you.

What does PR stand for?

PR stands for Public Relations.

What is PR?

PR (Public Relations) concerns the way organisations communicate with the public to build a positive reputation. Used well, your PR encourages and persuades people to think positively about your business and its services, products, and people.

PR FAQs – what does PR do?

PR can be used to protect or build reputations through the media, social media, and other communications. A respectable and experienced PR expert studies your business and industry to find positive messages. They work with your marketing and/or communications teams to translate them into good news stories to be shared with the media and other audiences.

Is PR part of marketing?

PR is a big part of the marketing mix. It’s a vital part of any successful business and marketing strategy.

PR FAQs – what is a PR strategy?

You may already be using PR tactics to build your business profile and pitch stories to the media. But you need a PR strategy, working alongside your main business and marketing strategies, to help you organise and plan your PR activities and secure long-term success for your communications.