LinkedIn life hacks

Follow these LinkedIn lifehacks to keep up with marketing professionals and get the most from your LinkedIn by reaching all of your goals! Some of them are easier than you might expect!

1. Make your post eye-catching!

The first of our LinkedIn lifehacks is creating engaging content! Your LinkedIn post has to be eye-catching and grab the readers attention, encouraging them to click the ‘Read More’ button. This could be implemented by adding a striking caption to start your post and increase your overall engagement of the post.

2. Post Videos

Any video content that you can create will boost you following and engagement on LinkedIn. Videos are a major aspect of LinkedIn and are proven to grab the audience’s attention. People are 20x more likely to share a video than a picture as they help build trust between creator and reader, increasing engagement.

3. Use Emojis

LinkedIn has been prioritising posts which make use of emojis! Try to include a couple of emojis in your post, even if its just at the start or end of your post.

4. Don’t edit!

Do not edit your post once it has been posted. The LinkedIn algorithm appears to reverse any momentum your post has gained due to protecting the platform from hackers and spam content which could be added into a post, so avoid this at all costs.

5. Make a lengthy post

Your post should ideally be a bit lengthy. LinkedIn measures the time that readers spend reading a post, and the longer they spend reading it, the more engaging LinkedIn believes it to be, therefore displaying it on more peoples timelines.

6. Number your lists

Numbered lists are a MUST. Readers love numbered lists and a clear spaced-out list is intriguing for readers by grabbing heir attention instantly. Bullet pointed lists can also be a good way to make your post appear longer therefore being favoured by the LinkedIn algorithm.

7. No 3rd Party links

Try not to include links to other 3rd party websites as this is directing the readers away from LinkedIn instead of retaining them on the app which is not favoured by LinkedIn. Some creators add the links in a comment beneath the original post as a way of getting around this!

8. Interact with others

LinkedIn loves interactions. Spend a little bit of time commenting and interacting with friends posts to get the same in return, therefor e boosting both accounts views and engagement! The algorithm really is working in our favour!

9. Post at the right time!

Another of the main linkedIn lifehacks is posting at the right time! Try to post on LinkedIn during peak times of the day where large volumes of digital traffic are scrolling through the site! Getting likes and shares in the first few minutes of posting is crucial in ensuring that your post does well and is shown across many feeds. It’s worth trialling posts on different times and days to see when you get your most engagement, and start building your strategy from there.

*Tagging is another great way of getting more engagement. If you can tag others (ideally people rather than just company tags), and post content with videos or pictures that includes others, you’re more likely to get engagement from someone if they’re in the post, and then LinkedIn will see people engaging with it and think it’s a useful post to push.

Feel free to share these tips and LinkedIn life hacks if you found them useful! Contact us to find out more.