BrewBix is an inspirational company creating sustainable dog treats made from the waste products of the brewery industry.


BrewBix was in need of a new marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

What they wanted

A variety of organic and social content that engaged and nurtured a community of health-conscious dog owners.

Our solution

Community engagement

We began developing a community around the product to build trust and rapport with dog lovers on Instagram. We built this through encouraging conversations from our posts, such as tips on how to keep your dog calm and guess the breed. These posts have users returning to rejoin conversations and create a safe space for like-minded dog owners to share thoughts and tips.

TikTok management

Incorporating TikTok into your business strategy offers several advantages, tapping into a dynamic and engaging platform that caters to a diverse audience. Firstly, TikTok’s immense user base provides businesses with a vast and active audience, allowing for broader brand exposure and potential customer reach. The platform’s algorithm, driven by content relevance and engagement, ensures that your business has the opportunity to go viral, significantly increasing visibility.

Paid advertising

We created and managed Facebook ads in the run up to seasonal periods e.g. Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We ran various sets of ads to split test the success of each to find the most engaging content.



Increased online visibility and brand awareness within the target market.



Improved engagement and interaction on social media platforms.


Increase in sales, new wholesale enquiries, and several new subscribers.