NutriGlow Wellness

Nutri Glow Wellness provides a range of services to suit individual needs to ensure they support clients on a journey of holistic health and wellbeing.

Specialising in Women’s Health, Hormone Health and Menopause, Nutri Glow Wellness work with individuals and families who are looking to improve their health.


Jacqui came to us as she was setting up a new business following her passion in holistic health and needed support creating the brand identity of this business.

What they needed

Understanding the nature of Jacqui’s business we took her on a journey right from creative logo design concepts, through to websites, content and social media.

Our solution

Given Jacqui’s business context, we developed a range of logo concepts for her consideration. We carefully assessed the colour palette to ensure alignment with the brand identity, integrating it consistently throughout the creative journey. This holistic approach ensured that every aspect of the design resonated with the essence of Jacqui’s brand.

Having established the brand, our next step was to craft a concise website highlighting Jacqui’s commitment to holistic wellbeing. The site detailed her services, offered information about her packages, and provided a platform for sharing blog content. This comprehensive approach aimed to showcase Jacqui’s expertise and engage her audience effectively.

We collaborated with Jacqui to produce consistent blog content, covering topics ranging from health tips to nutritious recipes for mental wellness. Regular monthly updates aimed to enhance Jacqui’s SEO strategy by incorporating relevant keywords, ultimately strengthening her online presence and attracting more visitors to her site.