B2C email marketing agency – creating winning campaigns

B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing differs from B2B (business-to-business) marketing in that B2C marketing typically (but not always) involves more emotional, lower involvement purchases. But what are the goals of a B2C email marketing agency campaign? You should look to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, generate more leads, drive sales and boost customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. 

Through B2B marketing, organisations will more than likely conduct extensive research before making their investment. However, a B2C transaction tends to be more impulsive and instantaneous. Consumers are normally seeking out goods and services based on an immediate need, and make purchases more quickly, with less research and due diligence than a business would conduct. This grants B2C marketers a much smaller window of opportunity to influence consumer behaviour.

B2C companies often target more consumers across a wide variety of demographic, psychological, and socioeconomic classes, groups, and factors. And that is how you should look to differentiate your email marketing campaigns.

You can use the tips from B2B email marketing campaigns in order to create your campaign but to take the following into consideration for a successful targeted B2C approach.

Adding personalisation to your B2C email marketing agency campaign

Statista say that open rates for personalised emails average 188% compared to 12.1% without personalisation. And according to Experian, 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction with email by increasing personalisation.  Therefore, personalisation would be a great starting point for a successful B2C email marketing campaign.

While personalising to each individual subscriber is impossible, thanks to advancements in email marketing tools, your subscriber list can be segmented into a variety of different categories, including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Past Search/Purchase History
  • Personal Preferences & more

B2C marketers try to forge lasting and memorable emotional connections with their audience. You must sell your brand by creating catchy but lasting messaging that ensures the brand remains top-of-mind when consumers decide they need or want to buy.

Mobile optimisation

Further research from Campaign Monitor suggests email open rates on mobile has grown up to 68%. Therefore, your B2C emails must be optimised for mobile use. Failing to optimise successfully can result in lower conversion rates for your email marketing campaigns. Here are a few suggestions on ways to optimise for mobile:

  • Ensuring your subject lines are short and impactful
  • Including clear CTA buttons
  • Using mobile-responsive email templates

Do you have time to manage your B2C email marketing campaigns?

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