PPC Agency that gets your ad campaigns performing

Getting your PPC ads set up and running optimally is essential in ensuring they’re successful. As a PPC Agency, we look at your current situation and highlight quick fixes so you can create successful campaigns.

How do our Pay-per-click ad audits work?

The areas we focus on in our PPC audit include:

  • Conversion Tracking – We check to ensure that conversions on your website are being tracked properly. Without this data, it is not possible to understand if your ads are successful or not.
  • Review Targeting settings – We look at all the previous target settings for your ad campaigns and ensure they are still relevant for your business objectives. Key areas that we look at include network settings, mobile bid adjustments and target locations.
  • Ad Group Relevancy – The goal should be to populate each ad group with a list of super-granular keywords that share the same semantic theme. This allows you to create hyper-specific ads for each ad group that is highly relevant to what the searcher is looking for.
  • Check the number of ads enabled in each ad group – For example, one active ad suggests that the previous ad manager was not testing ad variations to identify account optimisation. If you have too many active ads per ad group it will also be counterintuitive as it demonstrates that lots of ads are trying to be tested all at once or any tests have never been ended. As part of our PPC Audit, we will suggest a solution that is best for optimising your ads campaign.
  • Ad Extensions – They are not a nice to have but essential. Ads should include callout extensions, structured snippets and site links.
  • Keyword match type settings – ads that are well-run usually include keywords set to a variety of match types. We look at your current setup and recommend how you can implement this correctly.
  • Check Negative keywords – This is your best defence against clicks and impressions. We will look out for and identify negative keywords that you do not want to continue showing up in results for and set them as negative keywords.  

Ready to maximise your PPC?

Contact us today and book a comprehensive audit of your current situation along with actionable pointers for improving. Or if you do not have time to manage your Pay-per-click ads yourself then we are more than happy to manage them for you.

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