Social media strategy driving website traffic

Why do we use social media? In business, it’s generally to drive traffic somewhere – to your website. The result? Increased traffic means more potential sales or the opportunity to raise your brand awareness. That’s where a social media strategy comes into play.

The first part of your social media strategy is to determine your main objective. Do you want to increase sales for your business? Or is it more important that you’re seen as market leaders and stand out against your competitors? It may be a combination of the two, in which case you’ll need to consider both of these options…

Once you’ve determined your objective, consider your audience. How are you going to reach them? Which social media channels do they use? We’ll work with you to create a social media strategy that engages with your audiences to meet your objectives. With every strategy we put in place, we’ll outline what you can expect from an ROI perspective.

A social strategy to create brand awareness

If you’re looking to create brand awareness, organic social media marketing is a great way of doing this. And the best thing about organic social media marketing – it’s free. Well free in that you can use the appropriate channels without an upfront cost. There will always be a cost for the social media management.

Creating your messaging and scheduling at the appropriate times for maximum exposure is a time-consuming role. It’s not just about content, you need someone on hand to manage enquiries as well as building your follower base. Whether that’s internal cost or outsourced to a social media agency – that’s one to consider.

Lead generation through effective social strategies

Alternatively, if its lead generation that you’re seeking, then paid social advertising might be the route for you. Here you’ll be able to create profiles and target your audiences effectively. Yes, there is a charge, but you can put as little or as much in. You always have complete control of your budget and will never exceed this. Again, as with your organic social media marketing, this will need to be managed. Do you have the expertise to keep this in-house or do you need support from an outsourced agency?