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As a small business you are likely to need to juggle a number of priorities and at times feel you are flipping between being head of sales, HR manager, dealing with finances and left with very little time to effectively manage the marketing of your company. This is where we come in! Why not get expert help and get back some of your time to focus elsewhere? As a digital marketing agency for small business, we can manage all or part of your marketing requirements. As every business is different, we tailor our marketing services to meet your unique business needs.

What can you expect from us?

Our synergy of marketing solutions for SMEs can be switched on and off depending on your businesses needs and requirements at any given time. We are experts at social media, content marketing and SEO. These are the foundations of our offering.

We can throw PR into the mix to raise your brand awareness and get you in front of your desired target audience. Especially as we are experts in both B2B and B2C PR.

Email marketing can also form part of what we do, speaking directly to your clients. We’ll either use it for lead generation to create more sales. Or client retention sharing your latest news, with the opportunity to upsell different services.

We can even manage your PPC! It’s a fast way for your business to increase visibility in Google search results. Our role involves setting up and running your pay-per-click ad campaigns. Depending on the budget, it’s an opportunity to get you in front of your target audience fast, and can be turned on and off as required.

Other services we offer to small and medium-sized businesses include web development and creative design. If you think your website needs refreshing, we can design, build and re-write your website with that added wow factor!

Take action today…

Regardless of your industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to produce fantastic results. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements…