Copywriting Services – getting the right words in the right place

Copywriting – it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you always need someone with another pair of eyes to look at your content. When writing copy yourself, you can be too close to the topic that you might not see some obvious mistakes or errors. Not only that, but it might also be so full of jargon that people wouldn’t understand the message they need to takeaway. Having an external eye on your content will ensure its reader-friendly for all audiences and it’s grammatically correct. That’s where our copywriting services come in.

It is important that content relates to your audience. The words you use will either resonate with your audience or turn them off. It needs to be engaging and something they can relate to.

How can Capella Synergy help?

At Capella, we make your copy consistent, so it follows your brand guidelines and tone of voice. We’ll determine this through your content strategy where we gain a deeper understanding of what your audience read and where. If you’re a new business starting out, we’ll help you to create your tone of voice that gives your brand personality and ensures you’re recognised as a market leader.

Don’t just think of a copywriter that will look over a blog or press release. It’s a solution that needs to be a part of the entire content strategy to ensure your messaging is consistent across everything you produce. Therefore, we can offer this service across everything you produce, even your presentations, social media copy, newsletters and microsites. An external eye ensures a consistent message.  

Our copy standards always work to meet your objectives, whether those are to generate clicks, tell your brand’s story, increase email open rates or rank better in search engines.

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