Social media marketing agency driving lead generation to your website

Whether using organic social or paid social advertising – both play important roles within your social media strategy. But where do you start with a social media strategy? This is where we as a social media marketing agency come in.

The first question you should ask yourself is ‘What’s my objective?’ Do you want to raise the brand awareness of your company? Drive more traffic to your website? Lead generation? Sales? Be seen as industry leaders? In an ideal world, it’s probably all of the above, but it’s about prioritising your objectives to understand how your strategy will work.

An agency that drives engagement

We can only drive engagement through your social media channels if we define your target audience. This takes us back to our content marketing strategy – understanding the who, how, where and why about the audience you want to engage with. 

Your audience will identify which of the social media channels you should be using. Do you have a diverse audience across multiple channels? Or is your market so defined you only need to focus your efforts on one channel? It’s more often the case that you will need to adopt more than one channel as you look at the different generations and how they interact on social media. This is all taken care of in our social media strategy.

So what social media channels are there? There are hundreds! Too many for us to list, but your typical ones to consider are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. They all have a different way in which you should use them to engage with your audience. Through our social media management, we’ve identified these different techniques and have proven success in applying this and driving engagement for our clients.

Not sure if you have the right social media strategy in place? Why not sign up today for a free social media health check and let us give you a few pointers.