The email marketing agency for lead generation and client retention

Our Email marketing agency will play a significant part in your overall marketing strategy. Why? Because email marketing is a direct way of getting in front of your audience. Gone are the days of Direct Marketing receiving news and offers through the post. Let’s be honest, how many people open their post and act immediately on the information in front of them? It’s far simpler for people to open an email and click straight through.

There are different ways of using email marketing. You’ll either use it for lead generation to create more sales. Or client retention sharing your latest news, with the opportunity to upsell different services.

Why should email play a part in your marketing strategy?

Generating leads is crucial to any business. What better way to generate leads than by sending a direct message they can instantly engage with? Is your campaign message something that’s going to make their job easier? Will it save them money? You need to entice them in, give them a reason to open your email that gives them the fear of missing out on something. This lead generation works for both B2B and B2C markets.

For a more B2B strategic approach, email marketing also plays an important role in client retention and account management. It allows you to keep your clients up to date with what you’re up to, share your latest news. Basically, an opportunity to engage with them and remind them you’re here.  

Through effective email marketing, just the headline in the email might grasp their attention and make them think differently. The question is, how often and to what detail do you send email campaigns? We’ll answer this when we look at your email campaign strategy.   

Your client may be so set in their way that they don’t know any different – now is the time to make them think differently.

How to get started with our email marketing agency?

We manage everything from writing, designing, data management and distribution to report analysis. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements today