B2C PR agency – it’s all about the consumer

What is B2C PR? An entirely different strategy to B2B as you’re target audience is the end consumer. They are more often than not, much harder to please. The main difference between B2B and B2C PR is who the target audience is and how this target audience can be reached. B2C PR concentrates on targeting the general public, presenting a product or brand directly to the consumer. As a successful B2C PR agency we will successfully help you with your strategy.

Our experience with B2C

Although not limited to, our experience in B2C PR revolves around place marketing and events. Generating local and national interest in destinations and high profiled events, we can drive the appropriate audiences into the right places at the preferred time.  

As opposed to B2B PR, B2C is about emotion. With a focus on brand awareness, we’re motivated by style, working towards building a brand that is reputable against competitors. For example, why should someone choose your service or product over your major competitors?  

As you can see, the distinct target audiences in B2B and B2C PR necessitates separate approaches. But, as we are PR experts working across both sectors, every client’s needs are accommodated for, creating campaigns that are uniquely suited to the situation at hand.

Our Director started her career in the B2C environment and thrives upon seeing the end results with consumers. Whether it’s at the end of an event or a targeted campaign, nothing is more worthwhile than seeing the positive feedback in the media.  

How do I get started?

If you feel like your B2C PR campaign needs an injection of creativity then get in touch. We’d love to share our ideas and experience with you.