B2B PR Agency – we get your business noticed

B2B PR has a different approach to B2C PR and this will be determined through your marketing objectives. Your B2B PR agency will help you define your approach.

Organisations with a B2B focus often struggle with building brand awareness, recognition and reputation that helps generate reputable leads. Your PR strategy should reflect your overarching marketing strategy to drive sustainable growth.

At Capella Synergy, we work with our clients to devise comprehensive PR strategies. Our aim is to build their reputation within their industry and wider markets to increase sales.

Our approach to B2B PR

Your business objectives are at the heart of our PR strategy. Are you seeking new business leads, increased market share or simply building the brand reputation of your organisation? Whatever the objective we find the best solution to achieve this.  

As with any approach to our campaigns, we obtain the relevant insight on your clients, prospective clients and most importantly – your competitors. This helps to build an integrated digital PR strategy that is influential, measurable and gains the attention you desire from your target audience.

Let us tell the right story to generate results

We thrive on getting the right results for our clients. We don’t simply just write a press release, distribute it and hope for the best. Yes, we will generate an interesting story that we will share with the media, but we’ll go further than this. We take the time to build relationships with both editors and journalists. We can ensure our clients are at the forefront of their minds when writing their own articles and work with them to include clients as expert industry leaders within these features. 

What makes a good story?

With the appreciation of what makes a ‘good story’, and by gaining interest from your audience, we promise to build brand reputation. The important word here is ‘relevant’. Ever heard of the boy that cried wolf? We don’t bother Editors with what they might consider as non-relevant news. Ask yourself the question? What will your audience get from the story?

We don’t feel you need to keep sharing news articles to get your voice heard. That’s the beauty of social media. With PR, you should be much more strategic in your approach. You’re fighting in a tough market for space, the more relevant it is, the more likely you’ll be featured.       

Want to know more?

Contact us today to discuss your next press release and how we can support your business with B2B PR on an ongoing basis.