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We are a Search Engine Optimisation or SEO agency in Swindon serving clients across the UK. SEO is a crucial component of any inbound marketing strategy. It helps get your website found in Google’s organic search results. The process will make it easier for your target audience to find you, increasing traffic to your website, ranking you higher in search results. SEO forms a critical part of any digital marketing strategy alongside content marketing, social media management, PPC and PR. If done correctly it can reap rewards for your business.

So why is SEO really important?

Google ranks websites by three criteria and subsequently to have the best chance of ranking highly you need to satisfy these criteria more effectively than the websites you are trying to rank against.

1) Relevance

Google searches give people what they are looking for within the search engine results page (SERP). This is measured through the content on your website in terms of words, and to some extent pictures. The search engine robots scan over the words on each page and index them or list them according to what they think the searcher will find most relevant.

The lesson here is to ensure that you always use words that you want to be ranked for as this is how searchers will find you more easily and interact with your website. This increases click-through rate (CTR) to your site. If people are not visiting your website Google sees it as low priority. The site won’t get indexed (show up in search results) and won’t be found by potential clients.

If people find what they are looking for on your website it leads to an increase in ranking. Over time this leads to increased traffic and increased sales.

2) Popularity & Authority

Google ranks websites by the order they think people will like them. The more backlinks a website has the more useful and popular the web page is. This should then rank you higher. The links to each website are called ‘PageRank’ and not all websites are of the same quality, therefore ‘PageRank’ will vary depending on what websites are linking to yours.

The only way to increase ‘PageRank’ is to create new website pages as each new page is born with it. Therefore, bigger websites with more pages naturally get the opportunity to have higher page value, as all their pages link to each other and boost authority.

3) Quality

The quality of your website is judged on your website content. If pages are thin on content, have low word counts, feature-poor quality writing or have very little content, they will struggle to rank. Why? Google wants to reward websites that are experts in their field. They cannot tell how much of an expert you are if there is little information available.

Quality is also judged on whether you have any broken links pointing to your website. Broken links equal a poor-quality website in Googles eyes.

How can our SEO agency help you?

SEO forms part of a wider marketing strategy. It is a long-term investment that builds your website authority over time and increases your organic leads and website traffic.

As part of our SEO marketing services, we will look to get your site ranking on google by using off-page and on-page optimisation.

Every business, every website and every client is different. This is why we offer a bespoke SEO strategy tailored to each unique client. Regardless of your business size or industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to produce fantastic results.

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