Digital PR – getting people to notice you

Do you have a structured digital PR strategy in place? Do you know what this strategy entails? We are a successful business actively engaging with online media outlets to help drive performance, increase sales and enhance brand awareness. Giving your brand an online voice.

How do you get people to notice your brand? By creating and implementing a digital PR campaign we’ll put you in front of key influencers, relevant press and ultimately, your target audience.

To achieve this, we need to understand your objectives and KPIs from the outset. Your digital PR campaign should complement what you’re looking to achieve from your overarching marketing strategy. A key set of objectives will lead to a structured approach in how we talk to your online audience – ensuring consistency and the right tone of voice.

What should be included in your Digital PR objectives?

As we said, the digital PR objectives should complement your main marketing objectives. This might involve:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Link building – gaining relevant, quality links for your website
  • Enhancing SEO and domain authority

Once objectives are established, we’ll create a strategy to incorporate your messages, and then share with local, trade, national press and other key influencers. The digital PR campaign will consist of:

  • A campaign strategy and roadmap
  • Content distribution – press releases and comment on relevant industry features

How does it work?

Whether you’re starting out from scratch and testing the waters, or looking to take a more strategic approach, our experts will help you to achieve your goals.

And here’s how:

  • Together we’ll establish your objectives and KPIs.
  • Carry out the necessary research to help us reach these objectives.
  • Create strategic online surveys to gain consumer insight and lead generation.
  • Use our existing relationships with trade, local and national press for exposure.
  • Write powerful content to secure targeted features and other press opportunities.
  • Support you with engagement and building online communities through your social media channels.
  • Improve your domain authority by creating optimised video, imagery and written content
  • Provide detailed reports at the end of campaigns outlining key successes and suggested areas of improvement.

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