Why should your business use paid search advertising?

Getting your website to the top of Google organically using SEO takes time. Definitely the fastest way to get to the top of search results is through paid search advertising.

How does our PPC Marketing service work?

Paid Search Advertising can create visibility in search results instantly. This means increased traffic to your website. It’s extremely targeted, your ad appears in search results when people you wish to target search the keywords you select. This means that if campaigns are managed properly you will receive high volumes of quality website traffic and quality leads.

How exactly do we manage your Paid Search Advertising?

You decide on the budget for your ad campaign – guided by our expert advise, and we manage everything else. Get an understanding of what exactly we will do below:

Keyword Research

We carry out research into the most appropriate keywords that your target audience is using to search for businesses or services that you offer.

Ad Creation

We create a highly optimised ad that will engage your target audience. The aim is to attract them to want to click on your ad and find out more.

Landing Page Creation

We create visually appealing landing pages. The landing page shows the user how to take the next steps to enquire or purchase the product or service.

Campaign launch

Importantly we launch the ad campaign when we have set up landing pages and created high-quality ad copy.

Monitor performance

Over time we monitor the performance of ads and make any adjustments to ensure it is performing optimally. We communicate this in a monthly update.

Analysis and feedback

At the end of each campaign, we analyse in a report all the actions carried out. This clearly includes the overall performance of the campaign and provides feedback on why the campaign has been successful.

Paid Search Advertising – how do I get started?

Without a doubt, you’ll have full control over the budget, clearly understanding where and when your ads will appear.

In addition to that, we have extensive experience with Google Ads Management and the confidence to deliver a successful ROI through paid search advertising.

Want to get started? Contact us today and we’ll get your first PPC campaign up and running in next to no time at all…