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The first stage of effective SEO is to take a step back and fully understand the current situation. To do this we carry out a full website SEO Audit. The aim of this is to find and rectify any problems that are affecting your SEO performance. It identifies where your website pages are currently ranking in comparison to your competitors. As a result, the information directs our course of action in optimising your website for future success. This is why a quality website SEO Audit Service is so important.

What exactly do we do in our website SEO Audit Service?

Our website SEO Audit service is a comprehensive review of your website. This will include technical and on-page SEO and investigates the following areas:

Website Page Speed

Nobody likes a slow loading website and as a result, a site that loads to slow will reduce user engagement. We test website speed and suggest clear ways in which load times can be increased.

Technical Site Structure

We check your website to see if it has been built with a clear directory structure and sitemap. This allows search engines to crawl and index your website and report recommendations on how this can be improved.  

Keyword Analysis

Our website SEO audit service identifies keywords your website is ranking for on Google. It also identifies if keywords are relevant for your target audience, as a result, we identify keyword opportunities in order to improve your ranking and increase targeted traffic to your website.

SEO audit Service checks your Content Quality

Does your site have duplicate content? Are your meta titles and descriptions set up correctly? Are on-page elements such as focus keywords clearly and appropriately used throughout web pages? We review how anchor text is used and make recommendations for improvements.  

Mobile Optimisation

It is essential that your website is built with mobile users predominantly in mind. Google uses a mobile-first indexing approach and ranks websites based on page speed and mobile responsiveness. We check that this is the case for your website and make recommendations.

Backlink Audit

We run a check on all backlinks to your website and identify any broken links. We also check for server errors or crawl errors, that will undoubtedly affect user experience and annoy potential customers.

User Experience Audit

Analysing your website pages, we determine how user-friendly your website is. We then provide feedback on areas that you should consider improving. Descriptive pages, with call-to-action buttons, appropriately positioned will boost the conversion rate of your site.

User Engagement

Search engines, particularly Google reward and rank websites that provide better experiences for users. For example, if site visitors are leaving your website without navigating to other pages, your bounce rate will be higher compared to other sites. As a result, all else being equal you will rank lower than them. We identify these issues and make recommendations for improvements where required.  

How do we deliver your website SEO Audit service results?

We create an actionable report on each area of the SEO audit. We rank it in order of importance, highlighting your websites priority issues. Our support doesn’t end here, as experts, we can answer any questions you may have around the SEO Audit. We can even implement the findings of the audit if you don’t have the time to tackle it yourself.

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