Editorial planning – the execution of your content strategy

The content strategy determines the audience and the tone of voice. With content creation, we’ll understand what we need to produce. Now you need the editorial planning to go behind it. The editorial plan supports your key messaging and will be useful for your social media campaigns.

Most Businesses struggle with what they should be posting. You want to raise the profile of your brand and generate leads, but don’t want to be repetitive. People get turned off by too many ‘sales’ posts in your content, your call to actions need to be subtle. Let them know what they’re missing out on without giving it the hard sales push.

Add personality. People buy from people. They will interact and engage more with an individual than they will with a brand or company. Always put a face to the content you’re sharing to draw your audience in – and draw new audiences in.

You want your content to be ahead of the game, make you stand out from your competitors. As part of the content strategy, we’ll determine what your competitors are talking about and ensure your editorial plan covers these topics and excels in terms of knowledge and experience.

What to post?

Knowing when to post is crucial to an effective content strategy. It’s not just about understanding the optimum days and times you should be posting content, it’s knowing what’s going on within the industry that you can relate your content to.

Is there a major event or seasonal occasion that you can relate your content to? Is there an opportunity to offer your content to industry publications to enhance your exposure and create reputable backlinks to your website? We can go through this more in our digital PR.

To see how we’ve implemented successful editorial planning into our clients’ marketing strategy, check out our content success.